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Pursuit of the Canadian Dream


A step-by-step guide on how to Navigate the Canadian Financial Landscape. While many of the topics are relevant to youth or immigrants in many countries, intentional focus is given to Canada where over 400,000 new immigrants come every year. Akinwale Thompson uses his personal experiences as an immigrant and examples from his 15+ years experience as a Financial Planner in Canada, to delve into all the pertinent topics that everyone needs to know to have a successful financial life, regardless of their economic level.

Topics Covered

Chapter 1: Credit
Chapter 2: Car sales and leases
Chapter 3: Buying your first home.
Chapter 4: Saving for college or university.
Chapter 5: Retirement
Chapter 6: Taxes and charitable giving
Chapter 7: Insurance
Chapter 8: Wills and Powers of Attorney
Chapter 9: Death and the Lottery
Chapter 10: Real Estate Investing
Chapter 11: The Investment Landscape
Chapter 12: Other investments
Chapter 13: Business Ownership
Chapter 14: Risk Tolérance
Chapter 15: Faith
Chapter 16: Conclusion

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